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Websites of Pro's who own  B.Rad Percussion High-Tech Talking Drums

 http://www.bashirijohnson.com/    Bashiri Johnson's (Bashman's) Homepage
 http://www.ilio.com/artists/johnson.html      Bashiri Johnson
 http://www.ilio.com/ilio/ethno/    ILIO - Ethno Techno Sample Loops by Bashiri
 http://www.spectrasonics.net/artists/bjohnson.html    Bashiri Johnson Bio
 http://www.congahead.com/People/Bashiri/body_bashiri.html    Bashiri Johnson Bio
 http://www.kurzweilmusicsystems.com/html/bashiri.html   Up From The Curb CD-ROM  Bashiri Johnson
 http://www.emilrichards.com/    Emil Richards Homepage
 http://www.edmicheljazzproducer.com/RICHARDS.htm   Emil Richards
 http://www.pas.org/About/HOF/richards.cfm   Emil Richards  Bio
 http://www.mhart.com/                   Mickey Hart Page
 http://www.dead.net/band_members/mickey/mh.html     Dead.net Mickey Hart Page
 http://www.woodstock.com/html/biow0078.shtml                  Woodstock : Artist Bio : Mickey Hart · Planet Drum
 http://arts.ucsc.edu/GDead/AGDL/hartdisc.html         The Annotated Mickey Hart Discography
 http://www.cyberdrum.com/ai_temple1.htm          Brannen Temple Interview
 http://austin.msn.citysearch.com/E/G/AUSTX/0005/64/22/    Brannen Temple
 http://www.elephant-talk.com/        King Crimson Site       Pat Mastelotto
 http://www.well.com/user/jaron/     An archive of the ideas and artstuff of Jaron Lanier
http://www.mattchamberlain.gq.nu/    Matt Chamberlain's website

Other Cool Links

http://www.drumpro.com    DrumPro Online Drumming Resource.... Magazines,Lessons,Books,Videos,Community
http://www.drummercafe.com/   Now in it's 5th year, the Drummer Cafe is a leading drum and percussion community for drummers and percussionists around the world; novice to professional.

http://www.drumlesson.com/   Drumlesson.Com   Kalani's new website for drummers, percussionists.  One of the best on the WWW
http://www.DrumsOnTheWeb.com/    Download your favorite music for drummers and percussionists!
http://www.drummersweb.com   Drummer's Web
http://www.cyberdrum.com/hotlinks.htm  CyberDrum
http://www.rhythmweb.com   RhythmWeb
http://www.layon.com  Layon Drum Triggers
http://www.notsomoderndrummer.com  Not So Modern Drummer- Vintage Drum Mag.
http://www.cactusjack.com Hip Rhythm Digest
http://www.catalog.com/drummers/bphome01  Bill Powelsons School of Drums
http://www.amisg.com  American Music Information Source Guide (AMISG)
http://www.kalanimusic.com    Web site of Kalani,  Percussionist, composer, educator.
http://www.alessioriccio.com     A very creative and interesting site by a drummer from Italy with very impressive credentials.
http://www.nowopen.com/drums/#menu   The World of Drums and Drumming
http://www.digibid.com    A real-time interactive auction site specializing in the sale of pro-audio, pro-video equipment and musical instruments at auction  prices.
http://www.netinstruments.com/  Musical Instrument Classifieds

USA Musician.com has free classified ads for new and used guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, woodwinds, brass and orchestra instruments. Free band webpage, postings in music calendars, musician's network, bulletin board and resource section.

http://www.musichit.org/      Musichits - the big music-search-engine
http://www.drummingweb.com/index.html  Tomas Howie Drumming Web
http://www.freewebs.com/rurhythmboard  Ray Nutter's RhythmBoard/RubBoard Instruments site.
http://www.drumminmen.com/  "The Drummer's Resource"
http://drumtipoftheday.com/    Drum Tip of the Day ...Another Good Resource
http://drumjourney.com/    Your Guide To Community and World Hand Drumming
http://www.drumsoloartist.com/    Drum Solo Artist Drum Solo Artist Official Site is dedicated to Drum Solo Artists, Drum Solo Techniques, Custom Drums, Custom Drum Setups and Rhythm in General. Also an excellent Links section. 

http://www.HarpDepot.com    Extensive site on Harmonicas with lots of links to all kinds of music and  Instrument sites 

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