Each Handcrafted shell is created by gluing and forming 36 high qualiy hardwood staves......
18 for each end;  into two faceted cones.   The small ends of these cones are then squared
and slotted so they can be securely butt-jointed and splined together.
After this they are mounted on a machine lathe and are accurately turned to specified sizes
and rim radii.  To enhance the beauty of the wood the shell is finely hand sanded and
finished with a tough clear protective coating.
    We can also build to custom orders with your design and finish, including other size shells,
other woods,   art work on the shell, or custom colors.

PEDAL Configurations.. Past and Present

       First Prototype Pedal                                             Second Prototype                               Offset Wheel Pedal

     DELUXE Model Pedal                              Drum Kick Pedal Frame                         Standard Pedal

       Rough 10" Shell                Finished 6" Shell                            Variable Pitch Arm

     newcampedalpic    newcampedalpic   newcampedalpic

        pulley cables                                                                            newpedal cam                                    new pedal                                                new pedal                                                                                             

           newpedal cam                      

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