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All B. Rad VP High Tech Talking Drums AKA the "TALKIT" VP Drum's
have a Variable Pitch Mechanism which is operated by a foot pedal connected to the drum via a mechanical power transmission cable. 
The drums mount on a stand or rack,  leaving both hands totally free to play it and your other drums.   It is quickly and easily set-up and broken down and adjusted. 
The heads are simple and fast to replace. 

B. Rad VP Drums are designed to meet the needs of contemporary drummers and

B.Rad VP Drums are all Excellent Solo Instruments.

B. Rad High Tech Talking Drums are owned and played by many Pro Drummers and Percussionists such as Bashiri Johnson, Mickey Hart, Emil Richards, Pat MastelottoBrannen Temple, Matt Chamberlain, Joe Bonadio ,  Will Calhoun , Jason Hann and Bernhard Schimpelsberger. 
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 B. Rad High Tech Talking Drums are based on the classic African "Talking Drum" which is built with an hourglass shaped wooden body carved out of a log. These African  "Talking Drums" are played with one stick and one bare hand, while the cords which run from one head to the other are squeezed inward by being held under one arm. This  squeezing action changes the drums pitch very quickly creating unusual and varying sound effects. 

B. Rad VP Drums use the same principles involved in making the "Talking Drum" a 
variable pitch drum.  This idea has been expanded , creating a drum designed for drummers and percussionists who want something  Innovative and Exciting in their set-ups. 

B. Rad VP Drums   mount on an L-Rod stand or Rack mount,  use standard mylar 
drum heads(stick models), and have an amazing range of pitch which can be varied 
instantly from low end to high end or anywhere in between using the pedal. 

Check out our  latest Standard VP Cam Pedal at the  bottom of this page

CUSTOM BUILT DRUMS of OTHER CONFIGURATIONS CAN BE ORDERED and BUILT.  TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. I can custom design and build VP drum shells up to about 28" in diameter. Check out Bernhard Schimpelsberger's variable pitch Kick drum on this youtube video for an example.  You can see the VP Bass drum action after the 5 minute mark.
Also here is a clip that demos that drum as a vertical stick model

10" Stick Model

B. Rad VP 10" Stick Model

Attractive features of this drum are it’s deep bass and wide range of  pitch. For it’s size (10" x 24") the bass is astounding. With the footpedal in it’s open position the heads are very loose. This looseness combined with the bass response of this drum body size, emits a deep “thwack” wet sound bass note when struck.   With the footpedal lightly depressed; the wet sound dissapears and a deep resonance appears. This resonance stays with the drum up to the top end of it’s upper range. 

 Listen to an MP3.

Another MP3 11-20-2007

"B. Rad VP Hand Drums"   

"Shape the Sounds with your Hands!"
B. Rad VP Drums are also available in 2 Screamin' Hand Drum Models;   a 10" model(at right) and the brand new 6"model  (see below).   These models use goatskin heads  and the rims are contoured.  Hand drummers will be surprised  at the way sounds can  be shaped, using both hands to play the drum,  while one foot controls the pitch variation.  Turn a slap into a pitch changing ricochet sound.
Pitch range is wide, from deep bass to screaming slap highs. 
 The B. Rad VP Hand percussion models are an innovative addition for percussion setups and are distinctive solo instruments.
  • These models  come standard with pre-formed goatskin heads and are designed to be quickly adjusted for varying climates. Changing heads is as simple as changing heads on a normal lugged drum. The 10" drum has 10" heads  with a 24" length. The 6" drum has 6" heads  with a 20" length.      The drum pictured at right is fitted with the DELUXE Hardware package.

  • Watch a demo on YouTube
    Listen to an MP3
    Another MP3
    New MP3 11-20-07
    10" Hand Model


    The B. Rad VP   6" Stick Model

      The 6" Stick Model is the most affordable and easiest to play drum of the B. Rad VP line. This drum has 6" synthetic heads and is 20" tall and is at this time offered in a stick model. 
       The sounds produced by this drum are of a higher pitch range than the 10" models,  comparing with a medium to small size African Talking drum. The higher pitch range facilitates easier creation of melodic sounds and is able to be heard more distinctively above the tones of other drums. 

    It Cuts! 

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    6" Stick Model

    TALKIT VP  6" Hand Percussion

    6"Hand Perc TalkitVP 
    Watch a demo on YouTube

    Listen to an MP3

    B. Rad VP  Variable Pitch Drums 

    aka the "TALKIT" VP Drums
    were conceived of, designed, and are custom built by Brad Miller of  B. Rad Percussion.   His home, studio, and shop are located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in SouthWest Virginia.   
         These Drums have been through 20 years of prototyping, design improvements and playing .                                                                                                                                                                         Brad                                                                                                               

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    PRICES....Keep in mind that these drums are custom built and handmade in the USA.
    NOTE:Because of increases in materials prices, and other factors all drum prices went up as of 11-1-2014.
    • 10" Stick Model                             $1140.00  + shipping 
    • Hand-Percussion Model               $1350.00  + shipping 
    • 6" Stick Model                               $950.00  + shipping 
    • 6" Hand-Percussion Model          $1050.00  + shipping   

    CALL Brad   540-789-7369

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